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  1. It is the intent of the Governing Board of the Redlands Unified School District to adhere to the provisions of all copyright laws and to maintain the highest ethical standards in the use of copyrighted materials.  Willful infringement of copyright laws by District employees is prohibited.  The Board, therefore, directs the Superintendent/designee to provide employees with guidelines that insure compliance with all applicable copyright laws.

  2. Copyrighted materials, whether they be print or non-print, may not be duplicated without first receiving written permission from the copyright holder and/or complying with guidelines presented in administrative regulations.

  3. The Redlands Unified School District does not sanction illegal use or duplication in any from.  Employees who willfully violate the District’s copyright position do so at their won risk and may be required to remunerate the district in the event of a loss due to litigation.

  4. Employees are hereby notified that willful infringement of the law may result in disciplinary action.

  5. The Superintendent/designee shall be the only individual who may sign license agreements for software for district schools.  Each school using licensed software shall have a signed copy of the software agreement.

Legal Reference:
Copyright Act of 1976, PL 94-553, effective January 1, 1978
Amends Section 117 of Title 17, PL 96-517, effective December 12, 1980
Amends Section 110 of Title 17, PL 97-366, effective October 25, 1982
Guidelines for Off-Air Recording of Broadcast Programming For Educational Purposes
(Congressional Record, October 14,1981)
Guidelines for use of Print Materials, Sheet and Recorded Music, Section 107, House Report
94-1476, September 3, 1976
Legal Opinion Regarding Duplication of Computer Software (4-4694) Legal Counsel, State
Department of Education September 19,

Origination Office: Educational Services Division

Effective Date: June 27,1995

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